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Choosing Clip On Veneers

In the modern day and age many of us care about our appearance and our smile is a huge thing, choosing clip on veneers is a option, if you’re smiling this promotes positivity and confidence which is what we at Absolute are all about, we pride ourselves in our customer service and insist on having happy satisfied customers.

If you have crooked missing or discoloured teeth we can help, no dentist visit is required, our process is straight forward and simple see our how it works page for further details.

With many companies these days making similar products to ours its very difficult to decide who would be best to order from, this is not necessarily a spontaneous buy and does need some research prior to purchasing, to see lots of the main differences in these products check out our why you should choose us page

So a little about us, we have been making this product the longest in the UK, since 2012, many other companies make a similar product however its distinctively different to our products, we customise each tooth individually and include extensive tooth detail, this is one of our unique selling points

choosing clip on veneers

Check out the picture above you can see on this one we have good definition between the teeth and some surface character on the tooth itself this is one of our whitest colours, BL3 which is a bleach shade.

We offer 20 different colours ranging from 4 bleach shades through to more natural white colours.

We send you a shade guide with the impression kit to choose first hand your colour, all our competitors have you choose the colour when you place the order most of which only have 4 colour’s to choose from as they use mouth guard materials to construct their products this is very limited in colour choice, also very difficult choosing a colour and that’s why we at absolute send a guide so you have a better chance at choosing a colour which suits you, check out our choosing a shade page for help with this.

Our system is very different is many ways, we are able to build teeth up and thicken areas as required for exapmple if you have crooked teeth we can straighten them, see below an example of this

choosing clip on veneers to straighten your teeth
Straightened Teeth

Check out our galleries for more before and afters and happy smiling customers

If You’re Choosing Clip On Veneers by the Absolute team you’ve made the right choice

For more details check out our shop page for more information

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