If you are dissatisfied with imperfections on your teeth, whether you have discolouration, cracks or other concerns, you can restore your smile with clip on dental veneers. This non-invasive solution is a quick and pain-free way to transform your smile. And here at Absolute Clip On Veneers we are the experts.  We can be found on a number of online directories, such as Hotfrog.

We have gathered the 7 reasons why our clip on veneers are the best:

  • Clip on veneers are budget friendly

When compared to some of the alternative smile transformation procedures, clip on veneers will prove to be cost effective. Dental implants, dental crowns or dental veneers can absolutely transform your smile. They can also, however, prove to be incredibly costly. This puts a beautiful refreshed smile very much out of reach for most people. Many of our past customers would not have their beautiful and perfectly refreshed smile if it were not for the affordability of this alternative cosmetic dental appliance.

  • Clip on veneers are a non-invasive choice

Those who opt for porcelain veneers, which is a common choice in smile transformation treatment, will need to have a small amount of enamel removed from each tooth getting set with a veneer. This is an essential part of the veneer process, but it does compromise the structure of the natural tooth. It can also potentially compromise on the overall health of the tooth. Clip on veneers will fit comfortably over your natural teeth, without any alteration needed.

  • They give instant results

The reason why our clip on veneers are the best is that some smile makeover treatments, such as orthodontic solutions, can take between one to two years to finish. Some may take even longer to see the results that you want. Clip on veneers will instantly transform your smile, without the need to wait for orthodontic treatments to straighten and perfect your smile. Your new smile can be ready in as little as two appointments. As soon as your dental appliance has been fabricated, it will be ready to wear.

  • They do not require needles or drills

One of the things that many of our customer tells us that they do not enjoy about a visit to the dentist for smile makeover treatments is that the visit often brings with it needles and the piercing sounds of the drill. There is no need to be numbed with a local anaesthetic or undergo drilling when you opt for clip on veneers. This makes them a great option for those who have concerns about needles and the sound of that drill.

  • They are a convenient and efficient process

Permanent dental veneers or orthodontic solutions such as braces could mean countless visits to your dentist. The process for getting clip on veneers is very convenient, particularly when you consider that you will not need to visit with a dentist. Impressions will be taken of your teeth, so that your custom fitted clip on dental veneers can be manufactured to the exact specifications needed to slip smoothly over your natural teeth.

This is why it is essential that you work with a reputable company. That perfect fit is essential for the comfort and the natural look that you deserve.

  • They are removable, and very comfortable

After wearing your clip on veneers for a short period of time, you are sure to forget that you are wearing them. Many of our past customers find that their veneers will soon become a natural part of their smile, no matter where their adventures may lead them. This is due to the custom fit of the veneers, and the quality craftsmanship offered by our lab.

You will be able to remove your veneers anytime that you want to. Look your best for family photos with your brighter smile, and then unwind at home without the veneers in place.

  • Clip on veneers can look natural

It is so important that you work with a reputable company to fabricate your clip on veneers. This will assure you of the quality product that will provide you with the beaming natural-looking smile that you deserve. Some companies may not put the time and work into producing a quality set of clip on veneers, which could result in your prosthetic dental appliance looking very much unnatural every time that you slip it in place. Check out our image gallery here.

When you opt for clip on veneers, your custom dental appliance will be fabricated to fit your teeth. You will instantly see the remarkable results that you are hoping for. This revolutionary cosmetic solution is offered to you by our dental professionals, who love to see you smile.

Testimonial: I cannot praise this product enough. I wanted to look my best on my big day and my clip-on veneers instantly transformed my smile. The photos look amazing!

Testimonial: I was somewhat concerned about the fit of these clip on veneers. I shouldn’t have been! They far exceeded my expectations and hopes! I smile so much more now.

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