Why Choose Us?

The Differences Between Our Clip On Veneers And Other Companies

Our Clip-on Veneers are very different to those made by all the other companies, many of whom you see advertising on Facebook and Google.
Our veneers are of the highest dental quality and are not merely ‘gum shield veneers’ as sold by the majority of internet companies.

So The Main Differences


  • We have our Interactive Smile System
  • We are unique in sending our clients photographs of their veneers prior to them being  completed, so they can be approved and, if necessary, altered.  This greatly improves the individual quality of our veneers. Gum shield veneers cannot be altered.
  • Our Impression material is alginate powder and is easy to use. More usually rubber based impression material is used for ‘Gum shield veneers’ and it can cause problems.
  • We send you additional Impression material free of charge in case you make a mistake with your first impression.  In general other companies do not allow for errors and they then make a charge for sending extra impression material.
  • The teeth on our Absolute Clip-on Veneers are very realistic.  Gum shield veneers are less so.
  • At Absolute Clip-on Veneers we pride ourselves on offering the full range of 20 Dental Colour Shades.  Gum shield veneers are only able to be made in 3 or 4 less realistic colours.
  • Here at Absolute Clip-On Veneers we understand that the colour of the veneers is very important and very individual to our customers.  For this reason we send our Colour Shade Guide with actual veneers in it so that the colour choice can be made in the comfort of your own home, perhaps with the assistance of family or friends. Making that important colour choice at the time of ordering the veneers seems premature but is the only option with our competitors ‘Gum shield veneers’.

See below for detailed reasons regarding the above

The Materials We Use

We use poly (methyl methacrylate) and Acetal resin to make our veneers.  These substances are used in modern dentistry, particularly when making temporary crowns.  Using these materials means that we can repair and alter our veneers to prolong their life.
These two substances that we use to make our veneers are very versatile.  We hand craft each tooth of the veneer separately so that we can alter the thickness in different areas, can add extra teeth and can realign teeth.  The end result is aesthetically pleasing and very realistic looking Clip-on Veneers.

The Materials Others Use

Gum shield veneers use a ‘Gum shield blank’ which means that the thickness of the veneer cannot be altered. The process of making the veneer takes approximately twenty minutes in a vacuum heat machine. Very few alterations to the appearance of the veneer can be made and these gum shield veneers cannot be repaired.

to add heat will greatly affect this product

Our Process During the Order

Once you have placed your order we post you your Impression Kit, which includes plenty of Alginate material for taking the impressions.  Alginate is very easy to use but if you need more we are happy to send it to you free of charge.
On receipt of your impressions we set up your veneers by hand, individually crafting each tooth using your chosen colour shade. We pride ourselves on creating surface detail on the teeth which makes them look much more realistic. We also concentrate on the separation between the teeth which gives the veneer a much more natural appearance. When we are satisfied with our handy work, we send you photographs for you to approve.  Alterations to the length, thickness and tooth position can be made at this stage.  We are very proud of this customised service that we are able to offer our customers with our Absolute Interactive Smile System.

Our Veneers are unique!

Absolute Dental is the first UK Company to make veneers using these specific techniques.  We began our unique veneers in 2012 and have constantly improved and developed our methods to become a market leader in the field of good quality, repairable and realistic looking veneers.

Our veneers will last you a long time!

When they are in your mouth they are as strong as the underlying dentition that supports them. However, great care needs to be taken with them when you take them out as their uniqueness is that they are realistic and therefore delicate and can break if trodden or sat on!  Luckily they can be repaired if inadvertently damaged and we offer a Free repair as a guarantee in your first year of ownership with the standard veneers.