Why Choose Our Clip-On Veneers? Discover the Unique Benefits

Are you searching for clip-on veneers that are truly one-of-a-kind? Look no further than Absolute Clip-On Veneers. Let’s explore the exceptional features that make our “Unique Clip-On Veneers” the ultimate choice:

1. Interactive Smile System

Our exclusive Interactive Smile System sets us apart from the competition. Unlike traditional veneer providers, we take the extra step of sending you pre-completion photographs of your veneers. This empowers you to approve and make necessary alterations, ensuring that your clip-on veneers are tailored precisely to your preferences. Gum shield veneers simply can’t match this level of personalization.

2. Superior Impression Material

We use alginate powder for our impression material, renowned for its ease of use. This stands in contrast to many other companies that opt for rubber-based materials when crafting “gum shield veneers,” which can lead to complications. What’s more, we provide additional impression material at no cost in case of any mistakes. In contrast, other companies often charge for such corrections.

3. Unique & Realistic Teeth

Our unique Clip-On Veneers feature highly realistic teeth, with complete control over customisation your veneers, creating a striking contrast with the less convincing appearance of gum shield veneers.

4. A Spectrum of Dental Colour Shades

We take pride in offering an extensive range of 20 dental colour shades. In stark contrast, gum shield veneers are typically available in only 3 or 4 less realistic colours. We understand the importance of choosing the perfect colour, which is why we provide a Colour Shade Guide complete with actual veneer samples, allowing you to make this crucial decision from the comfort of your own home, possibly with the guidance of family or friends. Ordering gum shield veneers simply doesn’t offer this level of choice and convenience.

Materials We Use

Our veneers are meticulously crafted using poly (methyl methacrylate) and Acetal resin, materials widely employed in modern dentistry, particularly for temporary crowns. This choice of materials enables us to repair and alter our veneers, extending their lifespan. We take the extra step of individually crafting each tooth of the veneer, allowing for adjustments in thickness, the addition of extra teeth, and realignment. The end result? Unique Clip-on veneers that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also incredibly realistic.

Materials Others Use

On the other hand, gum shield veneers rely on a ‘Gum shield blank,’ limiting the thickness and customizability of the veneer. The process is quick but significantly restricts alterations, and these veneers cannot be repaired.

Our Ordering Process

When you place an order with us, we promptly send you an Impression Kit that includes ample Alginate material for taking impressions. Our skilled artisans then embark on the painstaking process of individually crafting each tooth based on your chosen colour shade. Paying meticulous attention to surface detail and natural tooth spacing, we create veneers that are not just functional but truly works of art. Following this, we send you photographs for approval, offering you the opportunity to make adjustments in terms of length, thickness, and tooth position.

We’re Pioneers!

Absolute Dental made history as the first UK company to adopt these specific veneer techniques back in 2012. Over the years, we have continually refined and improved our methods, solidifying our position as the market leader in delivering high-quality, repairable, and remarkably realistic clip-on veneers.

Long-Lasting Quality

Our veneers are designed to be as durable as the natural dentition supporting them while they’re in your mouth. However, it’s essential to exercise caution when handling them outside of your mouth, as their lifelike appearance can sometimes give the impression of delicacy. In case of any accidental damage, we offer free repairs during your first year of ownership with standard veneers.

It’s worth noting that this is not the case with our ultimate clip-on veneers, which are crafted from acetal resin for enhanced durability and longevity. These veneers are even more robust and less prone to damage, providing you with lasting quality and peace of mind.

Unique Clip-On Veneers – Setting us apart from the competition

customising your unique clip on veneers