The Differences Between Our Clip On Veneers And Other Companies

Our Clip on Veneers are much different to all the other companies
(So called Clip On Veneers) which you see on Facebook and Google, We make very high quality Veneers.

99% of all the other companies make these terrible looking gum shield veneers and pass them off as high quality when in reality they are just marketed as high quality but are awful looking.

So The Main Differences

  • Our veneers can be fixed – other companies cannot fix gum shield veneers.
  • We send approval pictures of our veneers prior to finishing – other companies cannot do this
  • Our impression material is easy and user friendly – most of the other companies rubber based impression material is problematic.
  • We send plenty of impression material in case you mess up – other companies only send enough to do it once.
  • We do not charge for sending extra material – other companies do charge.
  • The character of our teeth is much more realistic – other companies are restricted in what they can do with a gum shield veneer.
  • Absolute Clip-On Veneers offer all colours available in dentistry 20 different shades – other companies can only make 3 or 4 different colours
  • We send you a shade chart with your impression kit – other companies you have to choose when you place your order.
  • Our Veneers are good quality Clip On Veneers – Others make terrible looking gum shield versions
  • We can repair our veneer for free within the first year if it breaks – Other companies cannot fix their veneer.

See below for detailed reasons regarding the above

The Materials We Use

Our Veneers are made from poly (methyl methacrylate) and is a type of acrylic

Which is used in dentistry mainly for the construction of temporary crowns and other other common devices,

Due to the materials we use our veneers can be fixed or additions can be made to prolong the life of the veneers,

In using this material anything is possible, we can realign teeth add extra teeth in, we can also keep it very thin in one area or equally make it much thicker in another as desired.

The Materials Others Use

All the other companies use a gum shield type material which is much different than what we use and the process uses a vacuum heat machine to make,

This process takes no longer than 20 minutes to make,

due to the material they use, there are many limitations including very little changes can be made to the appearance and this material cannot be fixed if it breaks,

the thickness cannot be changed with this material, as a gum shield blank is used and only conforms to one thickness

Our Process During the Order

We send you an alginate based material to take impressions which is very easy to do as its very user friendly,

We do also send you enough material for 3 attempts, and can send more material FREE of charge !

Most of the other companies use a rubber based material which is problematic,

At the next stage we start the setup of your veneers, and once done we send you pictures of your veneers for your approval, no other company does this.

Due to the way we process our veneers, we use the lost wax process, which means you actually get complete control over the construction of your veneers,

Each tooth is individually crafted and is completely custom made per tooth on the veneer itself, we send you approval pictures at the setup stage of your veneers,

So you get to see exactly how they will look and you can obviously request changes at this stage,

ie: in the length and thickness of the veneers, or tooth positon, no other company does this !

Other Companies Process

Other companies do not send you pictures of how your veneers will look as they cannot due to the way they make them,

you simply order then you get your impression kit which includes a rubber based impression material which is difficult to get right,

As quite often defects are created, they also only send enough to do it once and charge for extra materials to be sent.

Then they simply send your mouth guard veneers to you.

You will notice no one has posted a video on how other companies make there veneers this is because they dont want you to see how easy it is to make them and how quickly it is done,

Please see below the process and how they make them which is exactly the same way a gum shield is made but with some varied differences,

You will see in the video a multi coloured blank is used, with all the other companies they make the veneers in the same way but use a tooth coloured blank and much thinner,

They then of course trim around the bottom of your teeth rather than extending it into the gum area, this means you get very little customisation with this process, you will only get a veneer which looks like your teeth.

The Characterisation Of Our Veneers

Due to the way we make our veneers, each tooth is hand carved to include surface detail, and is much more tooth like and realistic in comparison,

Ours also includes better separation between the teeth to give a natural appearance, this is all done in the setup stage prior to finishing the veneer.

Other companies veneer appearance

Now as the other companies make simple gum shields, there is very little they can do with the surface of the veneers they make, the best they can do is use a tool to heat the veneer up after its been made, which gives a very poor appearance.

Our Colours & Shades

As per the material we use we are able to offer 20 different colours ranging from 4 different bright white bleach shades through to more natural whites and even yellowish or darker colours if desired.

We send you a shade guide with the impression kit for you to choose first hand your colour, no other company does this.

Other Companies Colours

Other companies can only offer 3 or 4 shades or colours as this is all that is available in the tooth coloured gum shield type materials.

This is how you know you are getting a cheap gum shield clip on veneer as they will ask you the colour you would like when you place your order on their website.

We Were The First UK Company

We were the first UK company to make this product, as of July 2012 and in the way we make our product we are unique, no other company makes veneers in same we do as we have developed excellent techniques over the years to produce good quality and good looking veneers.

Other companies

For the first several years we had many companies try to find out how we make our veneers and have never let on how its done, this is why they all make terrible looking gum shield versions.

Our Veneers Can Break

One problem with our veneers is that they can be delicate and they can break however due to the material we can easily fix them, hence why we provide a free repair in the first year.

The positives of our veneer vastly out weighs the fact they can break if handled in the wrong way, however once in the mouth they are as stong as the underlying dentition.

Other Companies Veneers And Breakages

All the other companies cannot fix their veneers due to the gum shield materials they use, its just not possible to fix them, and they do break and once broken that’s it.