Which Clip On Veneers are best?  In this article, we will reveal why nothing sells you to the world like an alluring, confident, and dulcet smile – communicating subtly, how stunning you are, and imprinting an extended impression of you in the minds of all your acquaintances. That is why we, at Absolute Clip On Veneers, believe that a smile is a facelift in everyone’s price range and are committed to giving you the best outlook possible, whether your teeth are chipped, crooked, or can’t seem to stay white no matter how many whitening products you use.

You are probably wondering which Clip On Veneers are best and how we can influence your ravishing smile? That’s easy – we are an effective and affordable alternative to modern-day cosmetic Dentistry. Ideal for covering discolouration, chipped and missing teeth, or straightening your smile.

At Absolute Clip On Veneers, we offer the best services, providing you with specialist cosmetic effects and custom made prosthetics. The icing on the cake? No dental appointment is required and the whole process is easy, quick, and painless!

Amazing right? But that’s not all that places us far ahead of all the other companies you see advertising on Facebook and Google. We take a lot of pride in providing veneers of the highest dental quality and not merely “gum shield veneers” as sold by the majority of the internet companies.  See our Yelp page.

Okay, enough of the teasers, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of what you stand to gain by putting us in charge of your clip on veneers.

Which Clip On Veneers are Best – Why choose us?

1. Highest quality materials are used: As stated earlier, our veneers are of the highest dental quality made from poly (methyl methacrylate) and acetal resins, unlike the common gum shield veneers. Our materials are those used in modern dentistry, particularly when making temporary crowns and this comes with several perks such as;

  • Our veneers can be repaired and altered to prolong their lives. Also, all our clip-on veneers come with a one year ‘free repair’ guarantee. This is impossible with gum shield veneers as they can not be repaired or altered.
  • We can send our clients photographs of their veneers prior to them being completed, for their approval and alteration if necessary. This greatly improves the individual quality of our veneers and makes us unique.
  • Our impression material is alginate powder and is easy to use. This is unlike the rubber-based impression material used for Gum shield veneers which can lead to several problems.
  • The teeth on our Absolute Clip On Veneers are aesthetically pleasing and very realistic unlike those of our competitors.

2. You are assured of several unique services, such as;

  • Customized services.
  • An additional impression material will be sent to you free of charge in case you make a mistake with your first impression.
  • Here at Absolute Clip On Veneers, we offer the full range of 20 dental colour shades unlike the 3 or 4 less realistic shades offered by our competitors. This is because we understand that the colour of the veneers is very important and very individual to our customers.
  • We’ll also send our Colour Shade Guide so that the colour choice can be made in the comfort of your own home, perhaps with the assistance of family and friends.

3. Our veneers are long-lasting.

4. Our process during the order is straightforward, satisfactory, and convenient!

Which Clip On Veneers are Best – Here is a quick summary of the process;

  • An impression kit which includes a lot of Alginate materials will be posted to you to take impressions once you place your order.
  • You’ll take your impressions. Instructions will also be sent to you alongside an instructional video.
  • On receipt of your impressions, we’ll set up your veneers by hand and individually craft each tooth using your chosen colour shade.
  • Once we are satisfied with our work, we’ll send you photographs for approval or alterations to the length, thickness, and tooth position.
  • When you are happy with the approval photos, we will finalize the process and the veneers will be sent out to you a few days after.

To cap it all, we are the first UK company to make veneers using these specific techniques. Since our inception in 2012, we’ve become a market leader in the field of good quality, repairable, and realistic looking veneers.

Now you know which clip on veneers are best, splendid isn’t it!?

Get in touch with us today for your Clip On Veneers, let us walk you through this exciting voyage of achieving a more confident and captivating smile.

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