The Absolute Interactive Smile System

A customer interactive smile system by which the customer has complete control over the clip on veneer ordering process.

With twenty shades of white to choose from, how it works is the customer interacts with the smile system and can choose tooth shape, fine service detail, and also matt or gloss finish, even perhaps ask for specific custom requests if desired.

We then use this information to create your new smile, during the construction process we also send you approval picture’s, prior to finalising your clip on veneers for clarification and your approval, a fully interactive service, for complete customer satisfaction.

A clip on veneer ordering system which can be fully customised, anything is possible with the Absolute Clip-on Veneer, Interactive Smile System.

What is the Absolute Interactive Smile System?

Firstly the process involves four key elements and stages;

Step 1, Choose the type of clip on veneers you would like.

Next Step 2, take your impressions, then choose the shade, and shape if desired.

Step 3, approve your veneers prior to being completed.

Lastly Step 4, Clip on your veneers by Absolute and Smile !

How does it work?


Step 1 of the Interactive Smile System

First you need to decide if you would like our Standard or Ultimate clip on veneers, next add to the cart and make payment.

The Absolute Interactive Smile System sets up an Account for you on the website at this stage ready for you to interact with our system.

Impression Tray Size

Now you need to check your emails, there will be a email about impression tray size, take a look and contact us if necessary.

Next go check the Choosing The Impression Trays Page as this also relevant at this stage, there’s a watch the video to help decide if you need a different size dental impression tray, and which trays to use prior to taking your impressions.

Clip Veneers Interactive smile system

We always send 2 sizes of Dental impression trays to choose from in the impression kit.

The Interactive Smile System


Now Step 2, Taking your impression’s

After you have received the impression kit, you’ll also receive the Impression Taking Tutorial via email, which also includes a video for you to watch.

Carefully read the instructions and take your impressions being mindful to Email Us pictures of the impressions for approval by us prior to sending back.

Choose From 20 Colours

While you have your impression kit, you’ll notice a shade guide with the kit, this has twenty shades of white to choose from, ranging from 4 bleach colours including BL1, BL2, BL3, BL4, through to the vita colouring chart B1  being the lightest of the natural colours on the chart then A1 and moreover… For help Choosing A Colour.

Next Choosing The Shape You Would Like

Here at Absolute were very happy to be able to offer our customers a choice of Shape, you may wonder what this is?

well some people grind their teeth others have a tooth missing, so we can replace or build these teeth up to how they were, or similarly we can in a sense alter the shape of your teeth, bearing in mind your own dentition, we can build teeth up and round the edges of your teeth, for example we can flatten the canine teeth if desired add several missing teeth.

choosing a tooth shape using the interactive smile system

We have several shape types to choose from and we can completely customise and make alterations to the shape and design on request.


Clip on Veneer Fine Surface Detail, with interdental separation. 

Not only that but we can also offer fine surface detail with interdental separation, this really gives our clip on veneers the edge in the market as we are unique to offer these kind of customisations.

Interdental separation; is the separation between the teeth, we are able to cut fine hairlines into the material to give the illusion the teeth are separate.

Matt or Glossy Finish

To add we can also finish the clip on veneer in a matt or glossy finish, as a standard we usually leave as a glossy finish however natural teeth are in fact matt, so here Absolute Clip on Veneers we want to offer our customers the maximum amount of features available for a custom made product using our Interactive Smile System.

If you don’t want to choose your tooth shape that’s ok too, we can decide the best shape for you depending upon your sex, age and dentition.

A Fully Customisable Clip-on Veneer Ordering service.


Step3, Approving the design of your veneers

Our Interactive Smile System has now collected all the data from you in order to create your new smile, our experienced technicians will be working on your order to create a set of teeth that you deserve, at this stage we will forward over via email or WhatsApp if you prefer, the pictures or a video of your clip on veneer setup.

The veneer at this stage is set in wax. each tooth is hand crafted to your dentition and the tooth shape or design you requested will be followed.

We then await your approval of the veneer setup, at this stage you may request alterations and additions to be made prior to being finished.

When you are happy with the setup we then process the veneer to finish this typically takes a few days.

The Interactive Smile System by Absolute


Step4, Clip on that Veneer And Smile!

Last but not least the bit you’ve been waiting for, nice straight white teeth !

So by now the Interactive Smile System will have emailed you with your final email with instructions, its not necessarily over yet!

Ok so now you have your veneer, we recommend Trying Your Veneer In For The First Time.

As part of our service we of course offer any adjustments should they be needed, please remember this is part of the service, we have not finished working until the veneer is in your mouth and you’re happy and smiling!

Both Standard and Ultimate Clip-on Veneers undergo our Interactive Smile System.

For further reading on each product see our Store