Recieved my veneer today! Words cant described how much they have changed my life! I really dont know why more people are not acknowledging this company! Its the best decision I have ever made! And I have sent my before and after pics to rob and sorell, and hope you all can see what a fantastic job they do! And I got it within less then a week from paying for them and being made! I am spreading the word around they are such an investment, as a 20 year old and having lost so many upper teeth it was such a downer but now I can smile with my head up high all thanks to these fantastic people rob and sorell and the team!
I hope my pics will help you all to see the potential they can give to you! And at a very cheap price!

They have been nothing but helpful all the way! Please give these guys a chance to show you!

thanks guys so much!

matthew rodway