Ultimate Clip On Veneers Couples Offer



Ultimate Clip On Veneers Couples Offer


Our ultimate Clip on veneers couples offer is a snap on smile alternative which allows you to have a perfect Hollywood smile without the expensive costs or visits to the Dentist!

With our ultimate clip on veneers couples offer you’ll make a big saving on our Ultimate clip on veneers!

You don’t have to be a couple to benefit from this deal, why not club together with a friend to get a cheaper deal?

For example our usual deal on standard service uppers only for 1 person is £447.99, if you buy as a couple you get £200 knocked off, our offer only £695.99 !

Equally if you just want to buy 2 sets for yourself.


What are Ultimate clip on veneers ?

The Ultimate clip on veneers couples offer is our highest grade of veneers we produce. They are made from crystallised Acetal resin which is extremely durable and hard wearing

  • Natural look and comfortable fit
  • High tensile and flexural strength
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Guaranteed for 3 years
  • Insurance available
  • Free maintenance after 1 year up-to 3 years
  • Discount available to existing customers! Contact us for details
  • Absolute Clip-On Veneers is THE market leader in clip on veneers
  • 20 Different shades/colours available
  • Choose your own shape
  • Matt or Glossy finish
  • A minimum of £200 knocked off our usual prices

The high tensile strength of this material is a tremendous advantage enabling the use of the veneers to be strong enough to eat with, combined with the flexural strength which means this material will work well over larger areas so if you have several missing teeth this material can bridge the gap up-to 5-7 missing teeth in a row, (depending upon which teeth are missing), please note if you have many missing teeth it may not be advisable to eat with these veneers in as may cause discomfort to the remaining teeth.

This veneer material is very very strong if dropped it will not break in fact you can hit the veneers repeatedly or throw them around and they simply will not break, we guarantee our ultimate clip on veneers for 3 years !

Low moisture absorption is another huge advantage, this means a very low (2%) absorption rate which in turn means much less staining to the veneer

We also offer an insurance with our ultimate clip on veneers couples offer, if they lost or stolen within a 3 year period. We will replace the veneers for you , please note if this happens new impressions will be necessary.

Included with this amazing package you get 1 free maintenance overhaul. If you have scratched the veneer or some staining has appeared, you can send back and we’ll spruce it up to make them look just like new.

Existing customers who have ordered from us before can enjoy a % cart discount, please contact us for your unique discount code

Our clip on veneers are only version of its kind with as many options and capabilities available

We offer 20 different shades, these are all the colours available in dentistry, ranging from;

4 different bleached colours, through to more natural tooth shades

When you have received your impression kit you can fill out the veneer profile page to customise your veneer, you can choose matte or glossy finish, choice of shape, fine surface detail, our veneers are extremely customisable.

With our ultimate clip on veneers couples offer, couples will benefit from this offer, with up to a huge £200 off our usual prices.


Ultimate Clip On Veneers Couples Offer

Working Times

Express (10 days)

Standard Service (3 – 4 weeks)

 How it works;
  • This product is for the construction of two ultimate upper or/and lower custom made veneers
  • Once you have placed your order, an impression kit will be sent to you along with a shade guide and an email with instructions and an instructional video showing you how to take your impressions. You then send the finished impressions back to us after sending us pictures of your impressions for us to approve.
  • Video appointment’s are available via Skype or WhatsApp
  •  After we have received the impressions back, the construction of your Ultimate Clip On Veneers will begin!
  • We send you approval pictures of your veneer to show how it will look prior to finalising
  • When the veneers are completely ready for you to wear, they will be sent straight to you!
  • Pricing may vary – Postage cost may vary depending on the location of the shipping address
  • Express orders – We now have 1 Option 10 working days express
  • Standard Service is completed within 3 to 4 weeks of receiving your impressions
  • Please note the times above are working times, which starts when we receive your impressions back
  • If you ordered during a sale or a busy time of year or a period where we close, i.e. Christmas time, completion times can vary a great deal, we try our absolute best to complete your order within the timescale but working times do and will vary depending upon how busy we are and the time of year.
  • Our veneers are guaranteed for 3 years!
  • For more info on how it works see our fAQ
  • After you have made your purchase check out this page for choosing the correct size dental impression trays.


A few of our happy customers who had our Ultimate Clip On Veneers Couples Offer



The pictures are for illustration purposes only your teeth may look different as each set is custom made to each person.

Affordable prices! we keep the cost of our products as low as we can to provide a reliable, reasonable value for money veneer, that looks great.

This is a Ultimate Upper and or lower type set-up for those of you who are unhappy with your natural teeth and want to look good and feel more confident for those big nights out. This is a clip on appliance which fits over your teeth and is purely a visual aesthetic prosthesis and we are confident these veneers can be worn as much as you like for every day wear and can last for many years.


Before And After pictures – Ultimate Clip on Veneers Offer



Additional information


10 Days Express Service, Standard 3 – 4 Week Service

Uppers Or Lowers

Lowers Only, Uppers & Lowers, Uppers Only


No, Yes


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