Clip On Veneers Diamond Package





Clip On Veneers Diamond Package


Clip on veneers is a snap on smile alternative which allows you to have a perfect Hollywood smile without the expensive costs or visits to the Dentist!


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We have created this package for January – what you get for buying the Diamond Package

2 years Warranty, We will make you 2 sets of veneers, 1st set is made soon after you’ve made your order then in a years time we will send you a complementary new set of veneers, giving you 2 years worth of warranty.

Each order is considered a express service and is completed within 10 working days after receiving your impressions back.

Huge saving to be made here as we have discounted our usual rates 2 x £247.99 (Express) for uppers usually £495.98 – Discounted price £395.98 – Saving £100 !!

Uppers & Lowers usually cost 2 x 397.99 (Express) costing £795.98 – Discounted price £645.98 – Saving £150 !!

  • Clip On Veneers, This product is for the construction of upper or lower Veneers custom made
  •  Once you have placed your order, an impression kit will be sent to you along with a shade guide and an email with instructions and an instructional video showing you how to take your impressions. You then send the finished impressions back to us.
  •  After we have received the impressions back, the construction of your Instant Clip On Veneers will begin!
  • We send you approval pictures of your veneer to show how it will look prior to finalising
  • When the Veneer is completely ready for you to wear, it will be sent straight to you!
  • Pricing may vary – Postage cost may vary depending on location of shipping address
  • Guaranteed for 1 year
  • For more info on how it works or see our faq

After you have made your purchase please add your Mouth Measurement to your profile page to help us send you the right size impression trays.

Before And After pictures


Clip On Veneers - Instant Snap On VeneersThe pictures are for illustration purposes only your teeth may look different as each set is custom made to each person.

Affordable prices! we keep the cost of our products as low as we can to provide a reliable, reasonable value for money veneer, that looks great.

This is a normal Upper and or lower type set-up for those of you who are unhappy with your natural teeth and want to look good and feel more confident for those big nights out. This is a clip on appliance which fits over your teeth and is purely a visual aesthetic prosthesis and we cannot recommend you wear this constantly however the materials used are very similar to dentures and can last for many years.





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Uppers Or Lowers

Lowers Only, Uppers & Lowers, Uppers Only


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