Ultimate clip on veneers – An introduction

The radiance of a great smile remains undisputed and the role played by an amazing dentition can not be overstated. We know this because, at Absolute Clip On Veneers, we are in the business of giving you that Hollywood smile. We do this by proving to you that a smile is a facelift in everyone’s price range and by committing to delivering the best quality clip on veneers to you. We can also provide you with specialist cosmetic effects and custom made prosthetics, all without requiring a dental appointment. A straightforward, prompt, and painless process.

The best part is that we keep on upgrading our services, so that you – our amazing clients – can get the best possible products. This is why we have provided not just the standard clip on veneers, but also the ultimate clip on veneers!  It is worth noting that due to our ultimate clip on veneers, we have been able to surpass all the other companies making clip on veneers and emerge as the market leader.

You are probably wondering what ultimate clip on veneers are and why we have gone through great lengths to make them available?  This is because they are our highest grade of veneer produced, made from crystallized acetal resin which is extremely durable and hard-wearing. We take great pride in the fact that we produce the only version of its kind and they come with many options.

Some of the many unique qualities you get by using our ultimate clip on veneers include;

1. High tensile and flexural strength: The high tensile and flexural strength of the material used is an incredible advantage. What this implies is that the ultimate clip on veneers are strong enough to eat with and can bridge the gap of up to 5-7 missing teeth in a row (because the flexural strength helps it to work well over larger areas.) This material is truly amazing and strong.

2. Low moisture absorption:  This again serves as a tremendous advantage because it means a very low (2%) absorption rate, which in turn means much less staining to the veneers. You’re rest assured of a preserved quality of veneer.

3. Amazing guarantee and insurance packages for three years: We guarantee our ultimate clip on veneers for the first three years and we also offer insurance with our veneers if lost or stolen within those years. The insurance can however be purchased separately up to 60 days from initially placing your order. Included with this amazing package is one free maintenance overhaul. So, if you have scratched or stained your veneer, you can send them back and we’ll spruce them up, looking just like new.

4. Discount available for existing customers: Just to make our ultimate veneers affordable for our esteemed clients, we’ve provided a percentage cart discount for all our existing customers.

5. Twenty different shades/colours available:  Further cementing our unique capabilities is the provision of 20 different shades. These are all the colours available in dentistry — ranging from 4 different bleached colours, through to more natural tooth shades — unlike the 3 or 4 less realistic shades offered by our competitors. This just goes to show that we have got you completely covered, down to your colour preference.

6. Natural look and comfortable fit: As is our unequalled signature, our ultimate clip on veneers are aesthetically pleasing and very realistic. They feel very natural.

We also boast an ordering process that is extremely easy, satisfactory, and convenient. Once you place the order, an impression kit will be sent to you along with a shade guide and emailed instructions. After we’ve received the impressions back, we’ll construct your ultimate clip on veneers and show you how they will look before finalising them. When the veneer is completely ready for you to wear, it will be sent straight to you. Express orders are completed within ten working days of receiving your impressions, while standard service will require about three to four weeks.

As the market leader invested in providing top-notch quality and realistic veneers, you will not find a product with as many options and capabilities as our ultimate clip on veneers. Join our community today and watch us light up your face with a beautiful smile.

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