Trying The Veneers For The First Time

Preparing to Try On Your Clip-On Veneers

Before attempting to try on your clip-on veneers, please take a few moments to familiarise yourself with these helpful guidelines.

Initial Reactions – Normal and Expected

We understand that wearing veneers for the first time can feel a bit unusual. It’s important to remember that you are introducing something foreign to your mouth. Initially, the sensation may be unfamiliar.

Many of our customers have gone through similar experiences when trying veneers for the first time. We often say, “They do take some getting used to, especially for first-time users.” It’s common to have reservations, but the good news is that, in the vast majority of cases, people adapt within an hour or so and come to appreciate their new smile.

Proper Orientation Matters

When you first attempt to place your veneers, ensure they are oriented correctly. We’ve noticed some customers accidentally inserting them upside down. Naturally, if they’re the wrong way around, they won’t fit properly. We recommend trying them on in front of a mirror to ensure the right alignment.


wrong way round veneers - trying on your clip on veneers


If they appear like the image above (with the flat edges facing down for uppers and the rounded side resembling the bottom of the tooth), simply take them out and flip them over to the correct orientation.

The same applies to lower veneers, but in reverse.

Rare Fitting Issues

While rare, there might be instances where the veneers don’t seem to fit correctly. This is usually due to a defect in the impression. If you encounter such a situation, please get in touch with us. In most cases, a minor adjustment can quickly resolve the issue, and we’ll send them back to you. Occasionally, it may be necessary to redo the veneers. In such cases, we’ll send you a new impression kit at no extra cost, allowing us to reassess the veneers based on the new cast and proceed accordingly.

If you encounter fitting issues, send us pictures of how they appear, and we’ll determine the best course of action. Please don’t worry; we’re committed to resolving any issues at no additional cost. We don’t offer refunds for custom-made products once they’ve been created, but we’ll go above and beyond to address and rectify any concerns.

Choosing the Right Colour

Please note that we cannot change the colour once the veneers have been made. Colour selection is your responsibility at the impression stage, as we provide a shade guide with the impression kit. Make your choice wisely, and refer to our ‘Choosing a Colour‘ page for assistance in selecting the perfect shade for your new smile.

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