Trying The Veneers For The First Time

Please take a few minutes to read this information prior to trying your veneers.

OK so over the years we’ve had lots of experience helping customers try the veneers for the first time and we have found similar reactions from many of our customers, so initially you have to remember you are placing something foreign into your mouth, it will feel weird to start with !

I say the same to all our customers “they do take some getting used to if its the first time trying them in”

These are around the wrong way !

So many times i’ve seen the same reaction when people try them in, you will be very unsure about them, 99% of the time most people get used to them within a hour or so, and quickly realise and enjoy their new smile.

When you first place them ensure you have the veneers around the right way we’ve had a few customers lately putting them in upside down, of course they will not fit correctly if they are around the wrong way! we suggest when you first try them in do so in front of a mirror.

If they look like the picture above take them out and flip them over the other way, the flat edges should be facing down (uppers) as this is the tips of the veneer/your teeth, the rounded side imitate the bottom of the tooth (nearest the gum)

The same goes for the lowers but vise versa

Sometimes not often there maybe a issue with them fitting this quite rare and is usually due to the impression possibly having a defect, in these circumstances please contact us, its quite possible they simply need a small adjustment which we can do very quickly and send them back, on other occasions it maybe necessary to redo them this is of course our procedure should there be any problems, well send a new impression kit free of charge so we can check the veneers on the new cast and act accordingly.

If this is the case then send us some pictures of how they look and we can decide the best course of action, if this does happen don’t worry we always sort out any issues should there be any, free of charge, unfortunately we don’t refund on custom made products after they’ve been made, we will do all it takes to rectify any issues at no extra cost.

We can not change the colour if you don’t like it unfortunately this would require a whole set to be made, the colour is always chosen by you at the impression stage as we send a shade guide with the impression kit so choose wisely, check out the choosing a colour page for help.

Please contact Rob if they are any problems at all via phone +447595072522 or email

Anything is possible with our system

Get in touch with us and send some basic info about your teeth.

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