Terms And Conditions

1. General Terms And Conditions –

1.1 Our Dental prosthesis are not intended for everyday use. Although you may be able to eat and drink with and wear all day it is not recommended. The teeth are regarded as a temporary prosthesis only, we are not responsible for the misuse of our product.

1.2 I understand Mr R L Hawkins is not a Dentist and is a Qualified Un-Registered Dental Technician (Former) therefor no longer considered a dental technician.

Despite his experience, cannot give me advice on any treatment plans I might be under going or any Clinical advice what so ever. For this I will need to speak to my General Dental Practitioner (GDP) prior to ordering any prosthetics from Clip On Veneers LTD. I agree not to ask any such advice be it technical or clinical. I also understand this is a self prescribed item.

1.3 If you have loose crowns or veneers in your mouth it is recommended you consult your GDP prior to ordering our prosthetics. We are not held responsible if our prosthesis damages your existing dental work.

1.4 If you wear braces we cannot make anything for you until your braces are removed by your Orthodontist/GDP.

1.5 If you have a difficult detention please let us know in advance, more time may be needed to create your teeth and an additional cost may be involved.

1.6 When using our impression kit, always do with a friend or family member, we are not responsible for any problems which may occur.

1.7 I agree I am over the age of 18, If you are under the age of 18 please ask your parents or guardians for permission when placing a order on our site. Written consent will be required prior to ordering.

1.8 We reserve the right to refuse construction of any product for any reason we deem necessary – We will of course refund any monies owed if construction hasn’t started minus any administration fees.

1.9 I have or will be seeking professional treatment or advice from my dentist prior to placing an order with Clip On Veneers LTD, in placing an order I consider myself suitable and i’m self prescribing.

2. Returning Equipment – impressions

2.1 Please ensure all equipment is returned with the impressions. In particular the Shade Guide if this is lost broken or not returned we reserve the right to deduct the cost of the equipment or add this to the total of the amount owed by the customer, refusal to pay extra costs after 1 year will deem your order null and void.

2.2 Impressions must be returned within 1 year of ordering or you will incur charges to continue your order.

3. Overseas Customers 

3.1 Returning the impression kit – On return of the impression kit, the total value of the customs label on the parcel should be no more than £10 this is our value of the impression kit sent, if a higher value is placed here and we are asked to pay import tax then the customer is liable to pay this fee due to the actual value only being £10, If this does occur the customer will be able to claim back the fee at later date if they can prove the value of the parcel.

3.2 If preferred, in some circumstances it may be easier to re-order an impression kit if this value is much less than the import tax.

4. Warranty 

We guarantee the product for 1 year and will repair free of charge all we ask is that you pay for the return postage, (With the exception of the veneer being broken into too many pieces it is not possible to repair due to excess breakage) reasonable breakage would be 2 to 3 pieces more this would mean it is broken excessively and you would most likely need to purchase a new veneer please contact us for more information, in most cases if this does happen then discount is given.

4.1 The Warranty is void if you use glue or make any adjustments to the veneer yourself. (If glue is used a minimum of £75 charge will need to be paid to fix them and remove any glue, we are not responsible for the product after glue has been used as it severely affects the veneer.)

5. Privacy Policy –

We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any third parties.

6. Payment Flow and Delivery Policy –

6.1 After payment is received and cleared, the impression kit will be delivered via Royal-mail or Air-sure (Overseas) within 3 – 5 working days of receipt.

6.2 Following return of the impressions from the customer provided, the impressions are suitable for construction of the prosthetic (If part payment is received i.e. “Impression Kit” only then complete payment is required before construction of the veneer).

6.3 Working time of up to 6 weeks is required for completion of the veneer from when the impressions are received (Including the complete payment of the veneer). During this time, consultation with the customer to finalise design requirements as well as approval photos to be approved by the customer as per design requirements. After which the final product will be delivered via royal-mail or Air-sure (overseas).

7. Refund / Cancellation / Adjustments Policy –

7.1 Cancellation of an order can be done via the Profile Page under the heading of Recent Orders and clicking the cancel button. Please then email conformation of the cancellation providing us with reasons for your cancellation. This must be done no later than 14 days after Clip On Veneers LTD has received your impression kit (Please be aware the sum of the impression kit and postage will be deducted from the refund – if the impression kit has been sent prior to cancellation).

7.2 Refunds are not given after construction of the prosthesis has started due to material costs and labour time.

7.2a If any orders have started, we withhold the right cancel at anytime, and if any orders have already begun and a refund is determined any administration costs including labour and materials can and will be deducted from any refundable amounts.

7.2b We also are not obligated to change the colour you have chosen if you decide after the veneer is completed, a colour change requires a new veneer at full price, refunds are not given if you chose the wrong colour.

7.3 After the construction, if a problem arises with the prosthesis we will do our best to rectify any issues. If the veneer does not fit you may be required to purchase a new impression kit including postage to adapt the veneer to the new models. As there is most likely a problem with the first set of impression taken, which will cause a discrepancy with the model causing the veneer to be unsuitable for the fit of your natural teeth, any problems should be discussed within 180 days of receiving your veneer’s, we deem this a reasonable amount of time to rectify any issues you have, after this we are not obligated to fix any issues as after 6 months a lot can change in the mouth including any professional dental treatment, tooth movement, or tooth decay, if you have undertaken any dental treatment during this time, additional fees may apply.

7.4 After 1 year we are not obligated to continue any such service with any previously made orders if unpursued, any such guarantee will have also ended after 1 year.

8. Emailing us 

Continued correspondence, all customers get 50 free returned messages including emails or messenger messages, we believe we can answer any and all questions within 50 email correspondence, if you continue to email us which is noticeable and unnecessary requiring us to reply, we will charge for administration after your 50 free emails, £50 then £1 per required response.

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