Impression Taking Tutorial & Guide


Welcome to our impression-taking tutorial. Below, you’ll find a guided video to assist you in creating accurate impressions for your clip-on veneers and clip-on vampire fangs. You can also access this video on our YouTube channel for your convenience. Please note that we’ve edited a brief segment of the video during the impression material setting process (typically 2-3 minutes) please add an extra 30 seconds to ensure the materials set if you’re uncertain.

A Must-Read Before You Begin

Prior to starting the impression process, it’s essential to carefully read through all the instructions provided here.

Impression Kit Essentials

Your impression kit includes the following items:

  • Shade Guide
  • 2-4 Impression Trays
  • Alginate Powder (1 bag per impression)
  • Plastic Measure
  • Spare Poly Bags
  • Plastic Box Container (for safe storage during return)

All you need to provide is a mixing bowl and a spoon or knife to mix with.


To avoid any mess during the impression-taking process, we recommend wearing old clothes and having paper towels within reach, as occasional dribbling may occur. The impression material sets quickly, so it’s crucial to prepare everything beforehand.

Getting Started

  1. Ensure your teeth are clean before proceeding.
  2. It’s advisable to have a companion present to check that the impression material is properly placed behind your lip and to reduce the risk of choking.
  3. You have limited time to complete the impressions after mixing the powder, so make sure all your tools are ready.

Upper and Lower Impressions

Regardless of whether you’ve ordered upper or lower veneers, we require you to take impressions of both. Please select the appropriate-sized trays, ensuring there is a small gap between the tray and your teeth all around. You can identify the correct trays by the numbers and size labels on their handles:

  • Large Upper (Tray 1) or Large Lower (Tray 2)
  • Medium Upper (Tray 3) or Medium Lower (Tray 4)
  • Small Upper (Tray 5) or Small Lower (Tray 6)

Mixing the Impression Material

In a small mixing bowl, blend the alginate powder with 45ml of cold water for upper impressions and 30ml for lower impressions. Mix swiftly, as the material sets in approximately 30 seconds.

Creating Impressions

Carefully transfer the mixture into the blue tray, ensuring it’s evenly distributed. Place the filled tray in your mouth, making sure the blue impression tray doesn’t touch your teeth, as it could affect the quality of the impression. Maintain a firm grip for 3 minutes without talking, laughing, or moving.

Checking and Submitting Impressions

After the material has set, gently remove the impressions, ensuring the material remains inside the blue trays. Please take pictures of each impression and email them to us at Afterward, wrap each impression in tissue, moisten it thoroughly under cold water, and place it in a poly bag and the provided box for safe shipping.

If your impressions are unsatisfactory and you haven’t sent us pictures, there may be a £35 charge for a new impression kit. We can send additional material free of charge if needed.

How the impression should look

Impression taking tutorial - how the impressiuon should look

Selecting a Shade

Don’t forget to choose a shade and note it on the lab docket. Ensure the return of our shade guide, as failing to do so may result in a £70 fee.

Our Impression Taking Tutorial

Any issues you may have during the impression taking tutorial please dont hesitate to contact us

For Overseas Customers

When returning your impressions, avoid indicating a high value on the parcel (approx. £10). Please refrain from mentioning the price you paid for the veneer, as doing so may lead to import taxes. We aim to prevent this for your benefit.

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