Here we provide a tutorial video to help when taking impressions. You can also find it on Youtube however, for your ease we have attached it below. 🙂 Please keep in mind that we have cut a small part of the video out whilst waiting for the impression material to set (this usually takes approx 2 mins but we allow for an additional 30 seconds to ensure it is fully set).

When taking the impressions, please take both upper and lower as they are both needed, even if you have only ordered an upper set. Also please ensure the measures which were sent to you with your impression kit along with any shade guide are sent back to us.

Many thanks

The Absolute Dental Team. 🙂




And how your imp should look

The technique used in this tutorial is the same for Vampire Fang orders as well as the Clip on Veneers.

When wrapping the impressions, make a sausage shape with tissue paper and wet it. Then place that inside the impression where your teeth were taking care not to distort the impression itself. Once complete, carefully wrap the whole impression in wet tissue paper (no too tightly as this can distort the impression).

A plastic tub is also provided in the impression kit. This is for protection of the impressions when sending them back to please ensure your impressions are inside the box and it is closed securely when sending them back to us. Once you have sent your impressions, please send us an email to let us know, so we know to expect them in the post.
Overseas customers

When returning your impressions remember not to put a high value on the parcel. The aprox value is £25. Please do not put the price you paid for the veneer. If you do, import taxes will get added to the parcel which you will get billed for, we want to avoid this for obvious reasons.

Return address:
Absolute Dental Laboratory
8 Hyde Road
Paignton, Devon.
United Kingdom


Impression Kit Instructions

Contents :

– 2-4 Impression trays

– Alginate powder

– Measures (Water cylinder & Spoon)

– Gloves

– Poly Bags

– Plastic Container (For Impression Protecting on Return)

Wear old clothes whilst taking the impressions as this process can get a little messy. You may need some paper towels handy.

The impression takes roughly 90 seconds to set, you do not get a lot of working time. (Allow for mixing the material and placing the tray in your mouth). Then wait a further 2 – 2.5 mins for the material to fully set.

Please read all instructions before doing anything.

I always need Upper and Lower impressions taken please regardless if you have only ordered uppers i still need to see how your lower teeth interact with the uppers.

1) Firstly, make sure your teeth are nice and clean. Ensure someone is with you when you take the impression to check you have got impression material up behind your lip (and to reduce the risk of choking).

2) Familiarize yourself with the contents of the kit and set up to take your impression in e.g. kitchen/ bathroom.

3) Grab a small mixing bowl and a spoon or butter knife, Put the gloves on.

4) If you have been sent a green measuring cylinder, fill it level to the second line for the lower impression and level toy the third line for the upper impression.

If you have been sent a clear measuring cup, please measure 36ml for your lower impression and 54ml for your upper impression.

(The Water to powder ratio is equal, so 2 and 2 etc..)

5) We have previously measured out the correct amount of powder for your upper and lower impressions to make the process easier for you. these are in labelled poly bags.

mix thoroughly but quickly as the mixture is quick setting!

6) Now using the spoon or knife, put the mixed alginate into the impression tray. (The more impression material in the tray means I get lots of information, this makes the construction stage of your veneer/fangs much more accurate).

– You may find that there is a small amount left over. As long as the impression trays are full and all of the information needed is in the impression, this is not a problem.

7) Now carefully place the filled tray in your mouth over your teeth and push up/down firmly to ensure the alginate goes everywhere around your teeth, in particular the front of your anterior’s. Try not let the impression tray touch your teeth as this can affect the quality of your impression.

8) Have your friend check the alginate has gone up behind your lip, As much information is needed as possible. It is essential that all of your teeth are included within the impression and as much gum as possible. (If possible, try to place your lip over and around the try once you have placed it in your mouth).

9) Wait about 2 minutes while the alginate sets. try not to move/ talk while it sets to prevent distortion.

10) To check the alginate is set, touch the leftovers in the bowl. If in doubt wait a little longer, then carefully and slowly remove the impression using your fingers to hook either side (do not pull on the tray, hook your fingers inside your cheeks and use the set alginate for leverage). Suction will be released when you are slowly pulling down/up. if the material comes away from the tray please do again.

Please DO NOT remove the impression from the blue trays

11) I’m happy for you to send me a picture of the alginate cast to check its ok prior to sending back to me, send to
12) Repeat with the lower dentition.
There is enough alginate to do your upper or lower again if needed. If required, dispose of the original impression and use the remaining alginate to redo your impressions. (If you are only having an upper set or veneers made, then the upper impression is most important).
13) Once the impressions have been taken, wrap them up in wet paper towels.
14) Place in the provided poly bag and dispose of the gloves. Try to minimise the excess water as this can cause the envelope you send them back to us in to become sodden and tear.
15) Seal the poly bag up and send everything back including the measures etc.
16) You are able to reuse the envelope the kit was sent to you in. Simply place the address label over the front, ensure the impressions are wrapped up.
17) If you are waiting for approval of the impression picture via email just pop the poly bag in the fridge with your impressions in. This will keep them fresh prior to posting.
18) If you receive the impression kit towards the end of the week e.g. Friday, please wait until Monday before taking the impressions or posting. as the impressions will sit in the sorting office all weekend. For best results the impressions should be taken 1-2 days before we receive them to ensure they do not dry out and distort. However it is stable for a good few days so long as its kept cool and wet in a sealed bag/container.