Q: ‘Just wondering if there’s teeth missing will I still be able to get clip on veneers ? X

A: Sending some photos of what you have, to help us look at your dentition. Will clarify if we can help. Do one smiling and one not smiling, include lips and cheeks. Rule of thumb is depends how many teeth and where, generally speaking we can cover the spaces if there’s no more than two missing teeth in a row and there’s teeth ether side of the gap this way we bridge the space and incorporate this into the veneer it’s self …. If say you have 3 missing at the front on your lower we could do that too …. I don’t like to bridge a space if it’s too wide due to strength of the veneer in the filled gap …. regards Rob


Q: ‘How long do the veneers actually last?’

A: They will last as long as you look after them. The materials I use are high quality dental materials, exactly the same as materials used in dentures.  If I had to put a life expectancy on them with good care, at-least 1 year I would expect this to be a minimum and we guarantee them for this period. They are likely to last several years however I need more feedback on this so in time this will be clear. 🙂


Q: ‘What are they fitted with?’

A: The Veneers are not ‘fitted’ with anything, they are hand made to fit each individual. This means with impressions which have been correctly taken, each set fits in the mouth perfectly. Because of the accurate fit no bonding materials are needed to keep them in. Undercuts around your teeth are used as retention.  Also with a small amount of saliva between your natural teeth and the veneer suction is created and adds adhesion and cohesion plus atmospheric pressure and you have a perfect prosthetic. Provided your teeth do not move or become damaged, it should fit well for many years.
If things do change you can always send it back for a refit e.g. If you suffer from tooth loss in the future.

Please take the time to watch this short video we have provided, explaining how the veneers attach to your teeth safely.

Q: Do I have to pay for return postage ?
A: Yes
Q: ‘It says you advise for it not to be worn everyday is there a reason why? Is it bad for your teeth or wear and tear to veneers?’
A: In my own professional opinion, the veneer acts as an accessory e.g. for going out, special occasions, when photos are being taken e.t.c.
We say this as a disclaimer, if you wear the veneers full time and are eating and drinking with them in place, food and drink can get between the veneer and your teeth. This could eventually promote tooth decay. If you would prefer to wear them whilst eating, then we advise you clean your teeth and the veneer afterwards and replace (we cannot be held responsible for any breakages which may occur when eating with the veneer in place as we do not advise you do so). If oral hygiene is considered when wearing this product, there should be no problems.
Q:  ‘Can you explain in more detail how many teeth are included in the veneer?’
A: We generally construct the veneers including 12 teeth per arch. Your natural Dentition is taken into consideration while designing your veneer and any changes will be approved by you prior to construction.
Q: ‘Do I have to see a Dentist?’
A: You should alays consult your General Dental Practitioner prior to your order unless you have on going treatment or are unsure about ordering. If there are any concerns you have have please email us at info@dentallab.co.uk and we can answer your questions. As described this is purely a visual aesthetic prosthesis, made from acrylic. The Technician does not perform any procedure within the mouth. The impression is taken by yourself and when sent back to us, we begin construction.

Q: ‘Do the teeth come with a warranty?’

A: All our products come with one years warranty. This also covers accidental breakage however, if  broken more than once a charge will be made (we have not yet had this occur).


Q: ‘Can I have some made if I wear braces?’

A: Unfortunately, due to the fixed appliance, we are unable to provide you with a set of veneers. Once the fixed Orthodontic appliance has been removed, please feel free to place an order with us.

Q: ‘My tooth shade is quite dark can you match it?’

A: We send a shade guide with the impression kit which should include the shade of your natural teeth. Once you have matched the colour please include this when returning the impressions and we can construct the veneers using chosen shade.