All of the pictures used on site are for illustration only. The set of teeth created for each order will be completely custom made from scratch, by hand. The finished product and the photos shown will not look exactly alike, however we will copy the tooth set-up when possible to fit around your existing dentition. We will be creative depending on each style we produce, ensuring it will be something to be proud of. We are happy to use personal designs.

Please ensure you email us the design when making the order.

All of our products are for aesthetical purposes only and we do not recommend full time wear as this can promote tooth decay if oral hygiene is poor. If the appliance has been worn for several hours please ensure you clean your teeth thoroughly before and after use to reduce the risk of tooth decay.

We cannot be held responsible for the prosthesis causing tooth decay as this is due to oral hygiene and we advise short term wear of our products.

All of our products are created using high quality dental materials; produced by a qualified Non GDC registered Dental Technician to high standards and receive a quality assessment prior to being finalised.

All of our products are considered as costume apparel and Mr R Hawkins is not a registered Dental Technician.

Anything is possible with our system

Get in touch with us and send some basic info about your teeth.

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