Vampire Fangs

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Vampire Fangs Custom Dental Veneer, our teeth are made with high quality permanent dental materials which will last for many years.

We make veneer type Vampire teeth prosthesis, however can make them different on request.Custom made vampire fangs

Depending on your teeth and style of Vampire Fangs, they are typically made canine to canine, just 6 teeth. If you have requested a different design, this may differ. Please see our product page for all styles of Vampire Fangs.

The smaller we make the vampire fangs, the comfortable and more natural looking. (size may vary as every mouth is different).

If you would prefer a specific size or design, do not hesitate to email us with your specifications. The more detailed your description is, the more accurately our product will fit to your needs.

The Fangs are made only to fit on the front of your teeth and hooks over the incisal tips slightly (for retention). This means it does not interfere with your occlusion (your biting surfaces). which in turn means yes you can eat and drink with them in and it should feel comfortable to bite together (with practice!).

Although you are able to eat/ drink with the appliance in place, we do not recommend this as if not taken care of and cleaned, they can promote poor oral hygiene.

This product is for novelty wear only and is not advised to be worn constantly.

Anything is possible with our system

Get in touch with us and send some basic info about your teeth.

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