Choosing A Shade

Choosing the right colour is important we send a shade guide with our impression kit for you to choose first hand your colour.

We offer 20 different shades ranging from bleach white colours through to more natural white colours and even yellow colours, some people like to match their exact shade and some like to go a few shades lighter or perhaps go very white….

Be aware when choosing your colour we don’t refund if you choose a really white colour and you don’t like it, we cannot do anything about changing the colour after we’ve made your veneers, so take care in choosing the colour!

Many customers ask us for advise on choosing the colour but it has to be your choice the best advice we can give is if you like to stand out from the crowd then choose a whiter colour if you like to blend in then choose a more natural colour ranging from Bl1 to B1 being more natural.

So many customers say they want it natural looking I strongly advise if you want it natural looking don’t go whiter than B1.

A good way to start is to see what your shade is now so check in the mirror using the shade guide we’ve sent you to roughly gauge where you are, you can then either match your colour or perhaps go a few shades lighter.

Anything is possible with our system

Get in touch with us and send some basic info about your teeth.

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