How It Works

Here is a quick step by step of the process you will go to once you place your order.

How it works

  • Once the order has been placed, a customer account will  be set up for you on our website and you will be emailed with the details. You can then change the password yourself
  • At each stage of the ordering process, you receive emails updating you on the order status and various instructions throughout the process.
  • We send you a impression kit to take impressions its very easy to do and we send lots of material if you mess up
  • Take your impressions (instructions will be sent to you via email) and there is an instructional video available to watch.
  • You must also fill out the Lab Docket sent to you, please select the shade you prefer using the shade guide enclosed in the impression kit and writing the number e.g. B1 on the lab docket.
  • You then send the impression kit back to us.
  • Once we have received the impression kit, the construction of your Clip on Veneers will begin (Please note – the turn around time of  up to 4 weeks will begin from when we receive your impressions). (up to 2 weeks for express orders – up to 4 weeks for standard orders)
  • you will receive approval pictures of your veneer setup, shortly after we have started your order, for you to approve, at this stage we can make any adjustments as required.
  • When you are happy with the approval photos, we will finalise the process and the veneers will be sent out to you a few days after.
  • We are now at the final stage, when you have received your veneers we hope you enjoy your new smile, it will no doubt take some getting used to, at this final stage sometimes adjustments are made as per instruction from the customer to ensure complete satisfaction