Clip On Veneer's FAQ

Can i have clip on veneers if i have missing teeth?

Short answer yes you can

Sending us photos of your current dental condition will greatly assist us in assessing whether we can provide the assistance you need. Please take one photo while smiling and another without a smile, ensuring the inclusion of your lips and cheeks in the images.

As a general guideline, we can often address situations where there are no more than four missing teeth in a row, with teeth present on either side of the gap. In such cases, we can create veneers that span the space, seamlessly incorporating it into the veneer itself.

For example, if you have three missing teeth in the front of your lower jaw, we can accommodate this as well. It’s important to note that we are cautious when considering bridging wider gaps to maintain the strength and integrity of the veneer.

Thank you for reaching out to us. Regards, Rob

How long do clip on veneers last?

We guarantee our standard veneers for 1 year, and our Ultimate veneers are 3 years, if you look after them they can last several years, we have customers whom still have them in good condition after 3 or more, we use good quality dental materials.

How do clip on veneers fit to your teeth, are they fitted with anything?

Our veneers are not ‘pre-fitted’ to a standard mold; rather, each set is meticulously handcrafted to ensure a precise fit for every individual. This custom approach, combined with accurately taken impressions, results in a perfect fit within your mouth. This level of accuracy eliminates the need for bonding materials to secure them in place. The natural contours and undercuts around your teeth are utilized to provide retention.

Moreover, the slight presence of saliva between your natural teeth and the veneer generates suction, enhancing adhesion, cohesion, and leveraging atmospheric pressure. This synergy ensures a seamless prosthetic experience. As long as your teeth remain stable and undamaged, your veneers should maintain their optimal fit for many years.

In the event of any changes, such as tooth loss in the future, we offer the convenience of sending your veneers back for a refit. We invite you to watch our informative video, which demonstrates the safe attachment of the veneers to your teeth.

Do I have to pay for return postage for my impressions kit?

Yes, however we send a self addressed envelope for returning your impression kit

How many teeth are included with the clip on veneer?

Our rule of thumb is to go back as far as can be seen, this is usually back to the first molar so generally the veneer covers 12 teeth in total

Do I have to see a Dentist?

You should always consult your General Dental Practitioner prior to ordering unless you have any on going treatment or are unsure about ordering. If there are any concerns you have have please email us at and we can answer your questions. As described this is purely a visual aesthetic prosthesis, made from acrylic. We do not perform any procedure within the mouth. The impression is taken by yourself and when sent back to us, we begin construction

Do the teeth come with a warranty?

All our products come with a minimum one year warranty. This also covers accidental breakage, however if broken more than once we charge you depending upon how many pieces its in.

Our new Ultimate clip on veneer comes with a 3 year warranty and an insurance option if lost or stolen we will replace.

My clip on veneer has broken, should i glue it back together?

No please don’t! this voids the guarantee and we charge minimum of £50 to remove the glue and repair them.

Can I have some clip on veneers if i wear braces?

Generally the answer is no if you have braces on the front of your teeth.

Can i get clip on veneers if i have a metal split on the back of my teeth?

Yes you can we don’t fit the veneers right to the very back of the tooth so he metal splint will not interfere with the clip on veneers

My teeth are very yellow or dark can the colour be matched?

We send a shade guide with the impression kit so you can choose the shade first hand, we offer 20 different colours ranging from 4 bleach shades through to more natural colours, these are 99% of all the colours available to match teeth within dentistry.

Do you do bright white clip on veneers?

Yes we do we offer 4 bleach colours the BL1 is the lightest and is very white

Bl2 Shade

Our shade guide

Can i eat with clip on veneers?

You can yes however we recommend that you don’t as food and debris can get in between the teeth and the veneer and potentially cause tooth decay, all we ask is that if you do decided to eat and drink with them in, use your common sense and keep up with your oral hygiene.

Our new Ultimate Veneer would be best to eat with its a extremely strong material and will not break

Whats the difference between the Ultimate clip on veneers and the clip on veneers ?

OK the new Ultimate version is our highest level of service its material is remarkable and extremely strong, all our veneers are made to a high standard and we always include surface detail on the tooth giving the best natural look.

The standard veneers are guaranteed for 1 year but the ultimate’s are 3 years guarantee and comes with a insurance option also.

Can I wear clip on veneers everyday?

Yes you can our ultimate veneer would be best suited for this due to the very hard wearing materials and processes used to make the veneer, our standard veneers can be worn daily also

Can i choose the shape of the clip on veneers?

Yes you can with our Interactive smile system you’re able to choose the shape of the veneers if you wish.

What is the Absolute Interactive Smile System?

A completely customisable service whereby the customer may choose many different options for their clip on veneers, including twenty shades of white, choice of tooth shape, fine surface detail with interdental separation and much more, for full details on our system see Here.