When you think about your teeth, what do you think of? The colour? The shape? The finish? The surface details? In general, males have more square teeth while females have softer looking teeth, all of this we can replicate when we create your customised clip on veneers.

Why clip on veneer customisation? When people spend money, they like to know they got what they paid for, to see our reviews click here. When your customising your clip on veneers, you have complete control over the entire process. You can choose the shape, appearance, surface detail and finish. We were one of the first companies to give this much flexibility, so our clip on veneers have the most natural and realistic appearance possible.

By nature, all teeth have a matte finish, however your saliva makes them look shiny.  As a standard we polish our clip on veneers so they have a glossy finish, but if you would prefer you can have a matte finish instead. These small details give your teeth character and can make them more realistic.

In addition, you also have the choice of 20 different shades. Ranging from bleach white to more natural colours and even yellow colours. This makes your clip on veneers unique and means you can choose a colour that best suits you, but please bear in mind that once you have chosen a colour, we can’t change it or offer a refund if you don’t like it. A good starting point is to match the colour of the whites of your eyes to the shade guide that we will send you, and then go a couple of shades lighter. If you would like to be noticed in a crowd, go for BL1 or BL2 if you want to stand out, but if not BL3, BL4, B1 or A1 would be a good choice to blend in, or go even darker or yellow for a completely natural look. 

Your clip on veneers will be uniquely made to suit your teeth and these details go right down to the thickness of them. The thickness is generally between 0.3mm and 1mm and this is to do with your dentition and whether you want your teeth straightened, Each tooth is then hand carved and any surface details can be added in to make your veneers look as natural as possible. Teeth naturally have ridges and so we add these as a standard, but you can decide to remove them from your veneer profile.

Once you have your veneers, we are more than happy to adjust them, if they don’t quite look how you pictured them, but please remember that we can’t change the colour. We also give you a one year guarantee for standard veneers or 3 years for our Ultimate veneers, during which, if your clip on veneers are damaged or broken, we will mend them free of charge.

To start the process, order your clip on veneers, and then you will then get access to your account dashboard where you will be able to choose your veneer profile and see your account details. Let us know what you like or dislike about your own teeth so we can create a clip on veneer you will be smiling about.

If you are unsure of what to decide, we are happy to make the veneers and decide on the best shape and finish etc. The only thing we can’t decide is the colour, this is because it has to be your choice. The best advice we can give is if you like to stand out from the crowd then choose a whiter colour, if you like to blend in then choose a more natural colour ranging from BL1 to B1 being more natural.

For more information on customisation, check out our page here. And check out our Instagram page as well!

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