Selecting the appropriate dental impression trays is a crucial step in therefore obtaining flawless impressions for your clip-on veneers. We provide guidance to ensure you choose the right ones. Typically, you’ll have two options: small and medium for our female customers, and medium and large for our male customers. While this combination suits most clients, we understand that individual preferences may vary.

We’ve created a helpful video below to assist you in selecting the correct impression trays. The video explains which trays to use for your upper (Maxilla) and lower (Mandible) teeth. In addition, you should opt for trays that fit comfortably without touching your teeth, except for the area towards your tongue (Lingual), where slight contact is acceptable.

Choosing the correct Clip-On Veneer impression trays

Achieving Optimal Impressions

The best impressions are usually achieved when there’s sufficient space for the impression material (Alginate). If you can comfortably use the larger tray size without discomfort, it’s advisable to do so.

Identifying Upper and Lower Trays

Before you begin taking impressions of your teeth, please ensure you’ve identified which tray is meant for the upper jaw and which is for the lower jaw.

Preventing Tooth- Tray Contact

While it’s ideal to prevent your teeth from touching the impression tray, there may be instances where this is not possible. Biting directly onto the dental tray is not recommended.

Partial Tray Contact

If a small portion of the blue impression tray becomes visible after taking an impression, and one tooth touched the tray, it may still be acceptable. However, we strongly recommend double-checking with us before sending back the impression kit.

Proper Tray Handling

When holding the trays in place in your mouth, it’s best to use both hands, either your thumbs for the upper tray or your index finger for the lower tray. This allows you to gauge the distance between the tray and your teeth and helps avoid touching the tray.

Special Trays for Complex Cases

In some cases, we encounter challenges in obtaining accurate impressions. However in such circumstances, we may create a special tray for you to take a secondary impression. The cost, if any, will depend on the type of clip-on veneers you ordered.

Choosing the Right Size

When initially choosing the impression trays and determining the appropriate size, place the tray in your mouth, hold it by the handle, and move it back and forth. If your teeth touch the tray, switch to the next larger size.

Size Adjustments

If you find that the size you received doesn’t match your needs for instance, if you require the larger size please notify us, and we’ll promptly send you the correct set.

Visual Guide

In the image below, you can see a medium upper impression tray on the left and a medium lower impression tray on the right. The trays are conveniently numbered on the handles for easy identification:

Tray numbers and sizes

  • Tray 1 (Upper) and Tray 2 (Lower) correspond to large.
  • Tray 3 (Upper) and Tray 4 (Lower) correspond to medium.
  • Tray 5 (Upper) and Tray 6 (Lower) correspond to small.

In conclusion

Use this sizing guide to ensure that you have the perfect impression trays for your clip-on veneers, guaranteeing the best possible fit for your custom veneers.