Choosing the correct sized dental impression trays to take your impressions for your clip on veneers is important, you’ll have 2 choice’s, as a standard we send small and medium to our female customers and medium and large to our male customers, more often than not this is fine, however if you’re a male for example with a smaller mouth or female with a slightly larger jaw then let us know.

We’ve made a video below to help you when choosing the impression trays, which ones to use for your dentition, which to use for the top (Maxilla) and which is for lower (Mandible), ideally you need to use the size which fits best, this means the tray that doesn’t touch your teeth, its ok if it touches at the back of your teeth this is the area towards your tongue (Lingual).

Choosing the trays

Choosing the right impression trays

We find the best impressions produced are the ones with more space for the material (Alginate), if you’re able to use the larger size tray you have without too much discomfort when placing in the mouth then use that one.

Please check which is for the top jaw and which is for the bottom jaw before taking the impressions of your teeth.

It’s ideal to avoid your teeth actually touching the impression tray, however on occasions this isn’t possible, biting right on to the dental tray is not advised.

If a small area of the blue impression tray is showing through after taking a impression and 1 tooth touched the tray, this can be ok but double check with us always before sending the impression kit back

Use both hands either thumbs for the upper or index finger for the lower tray when holding in place in your mouth as you’ll be able to judge the distance to your teeth and avoid touching the tray.

Sometimes we get some difficult ones, in these circumstance’s we may make a special tray for you to take a secondary impression, depending upon the clip on veneers you ordered will determine the cost, if any.

When first choosing the impression trays, which size to use, the best way to do this is to place in your mouth and hold by the handle and move backwards and forwards to check there’s space between the tray and your teeth.

If your teeth are touching the tray then use the next size up.

If you didn’t get the right size and for example need the large then let us know and well pop a set in the post.

Below we have on the left a medium upper impression tray, on the right a medium lower impression tray.

The trays are numbered on the handle;

1(Upper) – 2(Lower) is large,

3(Upper) – 4(Lower) is medium,

5(Upper) – 6(Lower) is small.