You have complete control over the whole process, you are able to choose the shape of the clip on veneers, customise the appearance, choosing fine tooth surface detail, with added custom matte or glossy finish, our veneers are very customisable giving you absolute control.

When you have chosen your veneer profile via your account dashboard, the pictures of the veneer setup will be sent over for your approval prior to completion of your veneers.

Some examples of our shape choice’s.

You don’t have to make any choices, if you’d rather we make the veneer and decide the best shape etc, we are happy to do so.

We can add in surface detail to encourage a natural look we do this as a standard, you can decide to remove this from your veneer profile.

No surface detail clip on veneers

The surface of natural teeth do in-fact have imperfection’s so we replicate this to give the most natural look possible.

With surface detail clip on veneers

Natural teeth are matte in finish, if you dry a tooth with some tissue you will see, however we do polish our veneers to a glossy finish as a standard, you have a choice of having a matte finish if preferred.

Let us know what you like or dislike about your own teeth so we can create a clip on veneer you will be smiling about.

We can look at any special requirements or requests, see the veneer profile page for more details.

All these custom aspects are available on our standard and ultimate veneers.