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Take Your Impressions

A few days After you've made your order you will receive your impression kit to take your impressions & choose your colour using the Shade Guide included with the kit, there is 20 different colours ranging from bleach white through to more natural colours to choose from comes with full instructions included as well a video and email instructions to follow.

You then send your impressions back to us.

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Approval Pictures & Delivery

We then send you approval pictures of your veneers so you get to see how it will look and can of course request customisation and adjustments prior to finalising.

You will be placed into our queue system depending on the service this can be between 2 weeks for express orders or upto 6 weeks for standard orders, please note these times can vary depending the time of year and how busy we are.

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Smile today with new clip on veneers, clip on teeth is a revolutionary affordable alternative to usual dentistry.

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