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  29 Responses to “Testimonials”

  1. Keep up the good work Rob many thanks for all the email response, Very informative about the service, and very helpful, The underworld teeth you made me are fantastic fits well feels good, ill email some pictures to put on the site.

  2. What can I say apart from absolutely fantastic Veneers & service and Rob’s a great guy to deal with & very helpfull. They fit that well I dont even realise I’m wearing them.
    If you’ve imperfect or broken teeth I can assure you this guy is a wizard at what he can do to help give you the confidence back because once there fitted no one can even tell that they’re veneers, thats how good they are.

    I cant praise the guy enough for how he’s helped me out, you wont get better than this & you wont be able to stop smiling, Absolutely top Notch !!!!

  3. My fangs!!!!! Absolutely fabulous I got the impression kit in good time with simple instructions on how to use sent it back and hey presto!! Here we go. I can’t take them out the reactions around town are ridiculous especially in bars hehe. There very light comfortable and to be honest feel like my own teeth a very snug fit probably due to proper impression taken of my teeth! Great technician and rob was great throuout the process nice work! Will tell friends and try the other styles of novelty veneer so happy!

  4. Canine Fang Veneers – Wow! What can I say? Rob’s work is phenomenal! The order process is so simple &straight forward, you make the purchase via the website then Rob sends out the Impressions Kit along with step by step instructions on how to use the kit. Once you’ve taken your impressions you just send them back (package them well so they don’t risk any damage). Rob will let you know he’s received them, THEN *drum roll for effect* this is where the magic happens!

    During the creation process Rob emails updates & he answered my many questions no problem at all. I also got photo updates which was great. Amazing seeing the rough product which itself was astounding enough! Then you hold the finished product fresh out of the box & marvel at the craftsmanship & talent that hs lovely gent has!

    I absolutely love my veneers. They’re a perfect fit, professionally made, and, my hubby thinks they’re awesome! You can eat & drink with them in no problem too. I’ve wanted a custom made set of fangs for fifteen years! I’m so glad I came to Rob for them in the end. Take my word for it, I did the leg work, come to Rob’s Custom Novelty Teeth online store and order now – you won’t regret it!

    Stuff the cheap “oh they’ll do I suppose” fangs that you get elsewhere, this is the man for the job!

    Pictures to follow.

    I’ve already spoken to Rob about my next order, another set for my hubby! Returning customer already! This is my new favorite store! Teehee!

    Sarah G x

  5. Pictures as promised.

    Sarah Vampire Fangs 1 Sarah Vampire Fangs 2 Sarah Vampire Fangs 3

  6. 2nd set of Canine Fang Veneers from Rob – Hubby loves his set! As perfectly made as the first… I really can’t say much more than I did in my first testimonial, just amazing. And, of course, they look great! We went to our first (of a few) Halloween “Do’s” last night and were the only people we saw with proper fangs, so naturally we thought it was great!

    I’m considering a third set at some point with either bigger or different fangs. Still undecided, i wear mine every day so I’m really attached to these but quite fancy the option of a few sets depending on my mood!

    I like to keep checking back to the site for any updates, so will see what else Rob can create over the coming few months!

    Keep up the great work & don’t stop being creative!

  7. Fantastic service, Rob is extremely helpful and accommodating, the guy is amazing, wonderful service indeed im very impressed,

    The veneers are great they look whiter than my own teeth which i asked for, the fit is perfect and i look and feel like a million dollars,

    Thank You ill be recommending your site to those who need it.



    The fangs went down an absolute treat at Halloween.

    Rob’s communication throughout the whole process was fantastic, I can’t think of one negative thing to say. The whole process was very simple and the mould was very easy to create. Any questions I had Rob answered within hours.

    Thanks a lot Rob, sorry it’s taken so long to review but better late than never!

    – Chris

  9. Excellent service. Very easy & friendly to deal with. My impression kit & fangs came in good time & all questions were answered promptly as well as accommodating my request for a slightly longer style.

    Upon receiving the fangs I had a small issue where they dug into my gums on one side; probably my own fault as I’m not very good at taking dental impressions; however Rob was extremely quick to remedy this after I sent them back & now they fit like a dream.

    The fangs themselves are lightweight, seem very durable & are easy to talk with when wearing. I’m especially impressed with how they feel when I close my mouth. I have another pair of custom fit fangs from a different artist & these are pretty comparable to those.

    Couldn’t be more happier & definitely recommend his work. 🙂

  10. Just received my partial veneers, very pleased with them. has made such a difference.
    Thanks Rob for the personal touch.

    Keep up the good work and much success to you with your new Lab

    Thanks again


  11. Well I am very happy with my fangs, Rob , you are a star!!! The service and craftsmanship was excellent . I have had hours of fun with my fangs, I can’t believe some people think I have real teeth like these . I would recommend your service to any vampire out there. Will be back for more thanks.

  12. Well, this morning I was the happiest girl ever when my veneer arrived. As someone who was petrified of dentists after a bad experience when I was young I thought there was no hope of ever having a perfect smile. After a visit to my own dentist he suggested looking at this site and OMG the results are amazing!!

  13. Hi Rob and Sorell,
    I was the happiest girl alive this morning when I got my veneers, they fit perfectly, and make such a difference when I smile 🙂 .I have my confidence back now, and don’t feel ashamed when I smile.

    All I can say is Rob you are a genius, and as a perfectionist you take such pride in your work, after the first set of veneers I had made from a different company, and then to buy from you I would highly recommend you and your company to anyone.

    Please keep up the good work you do, and don’t let anyone tell you any different.


  14. great service, absolutly love my veneers had so many great comments =) really nice people to deal with 🙂 thank you so much

  15. Have ordered a veneer, impressions were recieved to me within 4 days, very fast service and lovly people to deal with, just paid for the veneer today so just waiting now till its done, cant wait! Very reasonable prices! And I will be hoping to put my before and after pictures up in robs gallery to show you all, will keep you updated!

    Best thing I ever invested in!

    Keep up the good work to both rob and sorell 🙂

  16. Recieved my veneer today! Words cant described how much they have changed my life! I really dont know why more people are not acknowledging this company! Its the best decision I have ever made! And I have sent my before and after pics to rob and sorell, and hope you all can see what a fantastic job they do! And I got it within less then a week from paying for them and being made! I am spreading the word around they are such an investment, as a 20 year old and having lost so many upper teeth it was such a downer but now I can smile with my head up high all thanks to these fantastic people rob and sorell and the team!
    I hope my pics will help you all to see the potential they can give to you! And at a very cheap price!

    They have been nothing but helpful all the way! Please give these guys a chance to show you!

    thanks guys so much!

  17. Totally Delighted With Your Brilliant Work

    One Question….Insurance?

  18. Dawnie says Thankyou Rob for my brilliant veneers,they are perfect,just like your work.I feel and look so different now,and i will be sending some pictures soon.Thanks for everything.

  19. Absolutely over the moon with my veneer! They look incredible and fit perfectly! I now feel very confident with my smile and have received so many compliments! No one can even tell that they aren’t my own teeth!
    Thank You So Much! I will send some before and after pics to show the incredible transformation!


  21. I’d like to say a big Thank you to Rob iam so so happy ive got my smile back with my lovely veneers I received them on 24th December so it was the best Christmas present ever.
    Many Thanks
    Claire Batts

  22. You are a absuloute legend/god you’ve made my life. Scott from skegness.

  23. Fantastic company, amazed how much rob has changed how I feel about myself, so very much appreciated!! Top quality veneers Thankyou, Sadie

  24. This company is by far the best ive seen, their work is outstanding, definatley 10/10 from me and many of my friends that have also purchased there new pearly whites.. thankyou so much to rob and his team at absolute dental laboratory xx

  25. If your want realism, comfort and quality in your custom fangs….then Absolutele Dental is the place to come!
    Rob is very talented and will always keep you up to date with the progress of your order. I’ve ordered 3 sets of different FX fangs from Absolute Dental and they are all stunning craftmenship in there own right. They are comfortable to wear and easily looked after.
    One set I have was a personal drawing I did of a design “Vampire Night Fangs” I was blown away with what Rob produced for me, every detail I had drawn was in the veneers when I got them.
    The fangs themselves really do bring your character to life! Wether it’s Zombies, vampires or demons. Whatever the look your aiming for, Absolute Dental will be able to bring your look/design to life.

    I can’t recommend Absolute Dental enough! If you want Fx teeth of any description, these guys will be able to deliver movie quality fx teeth!

  26. Where do I start? I’ve never been treated with such great customer service, rob is an absolute credit to the dental industry and not only has he given me the perfect smile, he has given me the confidence i thought never possible. The prices are very fairly priced and I’m so glad I was recommended by a friend. I can’t live without my snap on smile now and I wouldn’t want to, they are so comfortable I forget there even there.
    Thanks for being so brilliant and always listening and achieving exactly what I ask for.
    10/10 !!!