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The Dental Technologist

Thought id put a link to the post here i did on me, The Dental Technologist   Personality Attributes   I would consider myself highly motivated and I have a strong personality with a emphasis and reliance on my natural abilities to do well in the tasks I perform, I have high mental awareness and flexibility which helps me adapt and cope well with changing situations, Needless to say I enjoy variety in my work and challenging situations to help bring out my natural abilities, I am self assured and have a good deal of initiative with a corresponding flow of ideas, I am adaptable and good with decision making and cope well under pressure,   I would consider myself to have a high level of abstract reasoning coupled with a similar level of practical ability and manual dexterity this dominates my other abilities, This of course means i like to take a practical approach with understanding problem solving, Being able to work things out from first principles when required. Also solving problems with understanding and a vast knowledge of previous practical experiences, I am a mechanically minded person and enjoy seeing positive results from the way I approach a particular problem. Work Related Attributes I hold a senior position at Vision Dental Ceramics due to my experience in the dental trade, of which I have spent 15 years learning and continuing to learn in the trade, I first started in the dental trade as a apprentice technician when I was 16 fresh from school, And continued my education in conjunction with my apprenticeship At south London college where I gained a diploma in dental science in 2002.   At vision I am responsible for heading the metal department and I construct all the implant frameworks along with initial preparation of the implant treatment including abutment selection and trimming this particular part of my job takes up most of time, I too construct complex frameworks from custom precision attachments to large span bridges, I also Make all intermediate and gold service Precious gold crowns,   Also because of extensive knowledge of computers from windows to lynx systems I am capable of managing web servers and performing complex computing tasks including html web coding, I design cadcam substructures using the Straumann etkon cadcam system and lava scanner, I am a crown and bridge technician predominantly though because I have a good understanding in this some of my skills naturally transfer to prosthetics in particular implant retained dentures from start to finish. I can also make special effects dental prosthetics ranging from vampire fangs to a normal clip on veneer, gum shields, Bleaching trays, Splints, Any type of denture prosthesis including repairs. I particularly enjoy my job and like the diversity it provides me with from day to day.

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